Residents information

During early November every residential household within the market area will receive a Resident’s Vehicle Access Pass. When hung from the rear view mirror of your vehicle, and provided it is safe to do so, this will allow access through some of the road closures in the market area. To validate the pass you need to complete the details of your vehicle registration number and your qualifying residential address. Please note the pass is an access pass, not a parking permit. It allows access for you to reach legitimate off-street parking areas and driveways, or legitimate on-street parking that is not subject to existing or temporary restrictions, such as double yellow lines or no waiting cones.

Click here to view the residents’ newsletter, which contains a map of road closures and car park closure timings.

Additional Residents Passes

If you need additional passes, for second cars with genuine access requirements, they are available to collect in person from early November via the Visitor Information Centre in Castle Hill (Monday-Saturday 10am–5pm , Sundays 10.30am-4pm) or the main reception at City Hall in Beaumont Fee (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am- 4:30pm). Please bring evidence of your qualifying address.

Business Access Passes

The city council is working to minimise the volume of vehicle movements in the uphill area over the market weekend and business passes will not be routinely distributed to business premises this year. Businesses affected by traffic restrictions in the market area are, however, entitled to apply for a numbered business access pass for genuine servicing needs. For more information on business access passes or to apply for a pass click here. 

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