Once again for 2017 there will be no automatic issue of Business Access Passes. The process this year is being managed by the City of Lincoln Council.

You will need a pass if you are to:

  • Deliver to or park in private car parks within the immediate area of the market i.e. the Bail, Lower Burton Road, Westgate, Castle Square, Drury Lane, Eastgate area.
  • Deliver to or park in the residential areas to the north of the market area i.e. the area between Newport and Burton Road.

If you do need business access passes a form please fill in the form to request them by clicking here.

In order to issue you with passes we will need to know:

  1. The registration details of the vehicle (if you do not have this we may still be able to issue you with a pass but please n/a on the form)
  2. Where it is to be parked when it stays within the market cordon
  3. A contact telephone number e.g. mobile number, where you and the vehicle’s driver can be contacted throughout the weekend in case verification is required
  4. A correspondence address so we can issue passes to you.

It may be necessary for us to ask for some evidence of trading within the market cordon before a pass is issued to you.

Where there are security checkpoints at the key entry points into the market cordon you will be expected to produce this Pass to gain entry. The pass will be required to be displayed at all times whilst the vehicle is in the market cordon.

It is hoped that supplying this information when the pass is issued will minimise delays, and also ensure a better service to those businesses that genuinely require vehicular access within the market cordon.