2022 Lincoln Christmas Market Fees and Charges

What the basic stall price covers:
• A 3m x 3m* floor space with a single trading frontage (* unless stated otherwise such as Chalets which have different dimensions)
• One 13 amp electricity socket

What is not covered:
• Your trading unit: You must supply your own stall or trading unit
• Additional floor space above the basic: Additional floor space is available in all zones at a cost of £238 per sq m.
• Storage Space: Additional storage space or vehicle may be positioned alongside or close to your stall at a cost of £99 per sq m. This space must not be used for retailing.
• Additional Electrical Sockets:
per additional 13amp and 16amp it will be £99
per additional 32amp it will be £149
• Corner plot position: you can request a corner plot position with a second trading frontage at a premium of +25% of your total stall space rental.

AreaArea ProfileBasic Price
Cathedral West Front Outdoor trading area next to the West Front of Cathedral£1,910
Castle SquareOutdoor trading area in traditional cobbled square
Unrivalled setting between the Castle and Cathedral
Castle GroundsOutdoor trading area inside a historic, secure location. Stalls mainly on grass so please bring floor covering. Temporary pedestrian flooring installed for public areas.
Perfect Presents (Castle Square)Ideal for gifts, toys and craft traders.
Traders may provide own stall within marquee.
The Lawn (Outdoor)Outdoor trading area on hard surface in the grounds of The Lawn.£1,561
Christmas Bazaar
Chalets in Lawn
7 Open fronted avenue marquees. For gifts and crafts. Traders may provide own stalls within the marquee£1,647
Christmas PantryOpen fronted avenue marquee. Flooring provided. Lincolnshire and Artisan food producers only£1,647
Westgate (Outdoor)Outdoor trading area on hard surface in shadow of Castle walls£1,561
Westgate Craft MarqueeCraft Marquee – specialist crafts only. Covered marquee on tarmac surface. Traders may provide own stall within marquee£1,647
Big Wheel MarqueeCraft Marquee – specialist crafts only. Covered marquee on tarmac surface. Traders may provide own stall within marquee£1,647

Please note that at present a separate business rate may be applicable to outdoor markets which stallholders will also be charged should this come into place.

Lincoln Christmas Market is popular because of the balance of quality stalls as well as our unrivalled setting. To attract high quality, original, charity and local traders to our event we offer a range of discounts.
If a trader falls into more than one of these brackets only that highest discount applicable will be applied. *Charity discounts will be capped to 8 stalls.

50%Charity Discount*To promote good causes and instil a true ‘Christmas Spirit’.
Charitable and non-profitable agencies such as Rotary and Round
Table may apply for charitable discounts.
£106Craft/ Fairtrade DiscountTo support hand made goods and crafts. We use this discount as a tool for improving overall stall quality. Organisers appreciate that not all crafts people are members of guilds. In certain cases, organisers may grant the craft discount if appropriate evidence can be supplied.
£212Local Traders –
within Lincoln City
For businesses based within Lincoln City boundary.
£160Local Traders –
within Lincolnshire
For businesses based elsewhere in Lincolnshire. To support local businesses and stimulate the local economy. To qualify for these discounts you must supply evidence that your business or home is within either the City or County boundaries. For the purpose of the local discounts, local authority boundaries are being used.
A photocopied council tax or business rates bill/invoice should be supplied as evidence.

Food Surcharges
To enhance the Christmas Market and promote regional foods and to levy traders who produce significant levels of waste (e.g. cooking fats) we have redefined our bands for food surcharges. We hope that this will encourage a wider range of original food stalls, encourage healthy eating, and enhance the overall appearance of Lincoln Christmas Market. The surcharges cover our rising costs, with street cleaning and litter collection at the Christmas Market totalling over £30,000 each year. The surcharge also levies those traders with higher margins.
Food surcharges apply for food and drink sold for consumption at the time and they are split into two bands of food types. Food surcharges do not apply for products that are packaged and sold as gifts for consumption away from the market.

  • Band 1: Additional 50% of stall price
  • Organic
    Home butchered/baked/made produce
    Tastes of Lincolnshire
    Fair Trade
    Hot Roast Chestnuts
    (No other food may be sold)
    Specialist regional/International
    Over 75% of your produce must fit into this band for this to apply.
  • Band 2: Additional 100% of stall price
  • ‘Traditional’ fried burgers and hotdogs, candy floss, doughnuts, baked potatoes, crepes, pizza, Chocolate fountains, caramelised nuts, coffee, hot chocolate (with Baileys)
    Please note that these foods will be assessed on an individual basis.

Alcohol Surcharges
Alcohol Surcharges are applicable to all stalls selling alcohol regardless of if for consumption at or away from the event.

  • Alcohol Levy: £380

  • Charity stalls selling alcohol. If you are selling alcohol including Baileys in coffee, you will be required to pay an alcohol levy as part of the surcharges.
  • Alcohol Levy £758
  • All other alcohol stalls.