Stall Application FAQ

This really depends on what products you plan to sell during the event or what sort of stall you would like for example; Do you wish to be in a marque, a chalet or to provide your own structure?

For information the following locations typically consist of some chalets-

  • Cathedral West Front
  • Castle Square
  • Castle Grounds
  • Christmas Bazaar and Chalets in the lawn

We also have some areas where we put up a big marquee housing several stallholders these are-

  • Perfect Presents (Castle Square)
  • Christmas Bazaar
  • Westgate Craft Marquee
  • Big Wheel Marquee

For stallholders planning to sell food to eat at the event, we have a food area within the following locations:

  • Castle Grounds
  • Christmas Pantry

To help you decide on your choice of locations, you can view a full list of the provisional Fees and Charges by clicking here and view the Christmas Market Stall Layout map here.

Please send documentation to us via email- [email protected] and remember to include your reference number.

For craft discount this would be images of workshops or membership of recognised craft guild.

For local discounts a copy of your council tax bill should be supplied.

All applicants must fill in the health and safety form regardless of if they sell food or drink. Applications without a completed health and safety form will not be considered.

Competition for a stall at the Lincoln Christmas Market is high, that’s why we are careful about the stalls we select. We take into account every application we receive using criteria which is reviewed annually. Within this we also look to have a good variety of different products available as well as environmentally friendly stalls, therefore please ensure you include sufficient information within your application so that we can assess it.

For details of the criteria used in the allocation process, you can view details of the Christmas Market selection process by clicking here.

We get far more stall application than we have stall positions and therefore we are not able to always offer people their first choice within the market. As a result please put in other options for your second and third choice, ect.

If we feel your stall will fit into another location where we have space then we will still offer you a stall. We will also still offer you stall even if it conforms to none of your choices (second, third, forth, ect).

If you’re selected, we will send out an official site offer and details of fee payable for your stall as well as information on how you can pay for your stall.

If you are successful you will have 30days to make payment up to the current point in the payment plan.

For a full list of fees and charges, you can view the Christmas Market fees and charges by clicking here.

It may not always be possible to contact those that have been unsuccessful. If you are unsuccessful you will automatically be placed on waiting list in case a suitable position becomes available.

If after reading these FAQs your question still hasn’t been answered please email your query to [email protected]