FAQ for coach drivers attending the Lincoln Christmas Market – 2022

Updated- 13/05/22
Please ensure that you have both this leaflet and the coach board with you when attending the Christmas Market. Without this information, you may be required to pay again. A printable copy of this document is available.

Routes into Lincoln
Please follow the yellow event signage displaying “Christmas Market Coaches” presented on all routes into Lincoln. These signs will lead you to the coach reception on Nettleham Road (A46, North of Lincoln City Centre).

Clearly display your advance coach board in the windscreen of the coach so that it is visible to safety stewards. You will then be immediately admitted to the coach drop-off zones.

Any vehicles not displaying the advance coach board will be held at this point, and this could incur delays in dropping off your passengers.

Follow the signs to your designated coach drop-off zone. These will either be A, B, C, D or E. This is clearly shown on your coach board, sent to you in advance.

On arrival at the coach drop-off zones
At your pre-advised coach drop-off zone your passengers may disembark. Before you allow your passengers to get off the coach, please ensure that all passengers know where and at what time they will be collected. This will be from the same zone where your passengers were dropped off. Please ask your passengers to be at this pre-designated zone 10 minutes before your departure time. This will then ensure that you all get away on time.

Please make sure that all your passengers know what time and from where they are getting picked up from. It may be useful to give them a name of something to remember such as, a street name or a landmark as well as your zone letter:
A … Lincoln Hotel
B … Northgate
C … Newport Arch
D … BBC Radio Lincolnshire
E … Newport Shops
Please ask your passengers to be at the pre-designated zone 10 minutes before your departure time. This will ensure that you get away on time.

After dropping off passengers, your coach MUST proceed to the official coach park.
All coaches must proceed to the coach park at the Lincolnshire Showground

From the drop off points, follow the coach park signs to the Lincolnshire Showground, which is easily accessible via the A15 Northbound from the drop-off zones.

For the safe collection of your passengers, all coaches must park at the official coach park, as unauthorised coach parking is not permitted. If you do not proceed to the coach park, you will be unable to join the convoy returning to the market to collect your passengers.

On arrival at the coach park
Your advanced coach board should still be clearly visible in your windscreen, as this will gain you admittance to the coach park. On the back of the coach board you will see your designated coach parking area. All of these parking areas will be well sign posted and you will simply drive to your designated coach parking area to park up behind the coaches already in that lane.

Facilities at the coach park
Security stewards will monitor the coach park. Toilet facilities and opportunities for refreshments will be available for drivers. Drivers who do not wish to stay with their vehicles are welcome to use the Park and Ride facilities on site free of charge to visit the market but must consider that this facility will be used by a lot of visitors.

Departing the coach park
Coach drivers must be with their vehicles ready to leave the coach park at the Lincolnshire Showground 45 minutes prior to their pick up time. If you decide to visit the Market please allow a further 45 minutes to get back from the Market to the Showground. Coaches will be released from the coach park in strict sequence of their departure times. This provides a logical arrival of coaches to reunite with their waiting passengers.

On arrival at the pickup zones
On arrival at the pickup zones, you must proceed to your designated coach zone A,B,C,D or E to meet your passengers. This will be the same coach zone where your passengers were dropped. If any of your passengers are missing from your coach zone, please advise the safety stewards in your area. You will be allowed a limited stopover at your coach zone while any stray passenger(s) are tannoyed. After that, you will be moved to a designated holding area until all of your passengers are located.

Routes out of Lincoln
From the pickup zones, follow the signposted routes out of Lincoln. We wish you a safe journey home and hope that you and your passengers enjoyed your visit to Lincoln Christmas Market, and will be back to visit us soon!

Information is subject to change due to situations outside of the organiser’s control