Information for Residents

Following the lifting of restrictions on events we have been working with partners including Public Health and Lincolnshire Police to deliver an event that is as safe and secure as possible. Subject to further government restrictions out of our control we intend to go ahead, with mitigations in place such as promoting testing prior to attending the market and regular hand sanitisation.

This newsletter is for residents and businesses to help keep you informed about the plans for the 2021 Lincoln Christmas Market. We appreciate your patience during the build-up and staging of the event and are pleased to provide information on the local traffic and access arrangements that will be in place. We hope that you will join us at the Christmas Market to enjoy the festivities.
The Christmas Market takes place in uphill Lincoln and access to this area and its boundaries will be restricted throughout the event. We implemented these changes in 2018, upon advice from Lincolnshire Police, in the best interest of public safety and they are reviewed on an annual basis.
The inner area detailed in the map will have a cordon for vehicle movement detailed below.
The outer area will have various traffic management restrictions which are further detailed on the traffic restrictions page.

In the best interests of public safety, there will be no vehicle movement during the following times:
• Thursday 2nd December 11:30am to 10pm
• Friday 3rd December & Saturday 4th December 09:30am to 10pm
• Sunday 5th December 09:30am to 10pm

The inner area will be accessible outside of the above times.

Parking at Yarborough Leisure Centre

Residents within the inner area can apply to use the alternative parking arrangements provided by City of Lincoln Council at Yarborough Leisure Centre on a first come first served basis.

Limited parking spaces are available and can be applied for via this form.

Please note this parking offer is available to inner zone residents only and limited to one per household.

Using the park and ride

Residents within the inner area will also be able to use the park and ride located at the Lincolnshire Showground free of charge. The park and ride facility operates during the following times:
• Thursday 2nd December 11.30am – 10pm
• Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th December 9am – 10pm
• Sunday 5th December: 9am – 7:30pm.

Residents who would like to make use of this service will need to apply for a park and ride pass online at the following form.

Once you have applied online, a pass will be sent to you in the post. (please note these will start being posted out from 12th November)

Residents Parking Permits

If you have a residents parking permit, you will be able to park for free on a first come first served basis in Sewell Road car park on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December. If you have a residents parking permit for zone 4A & 4G then from 6pm Wednesday 1st December to 8am Monday 6th December you will be able to park in any other Residents Parking Zone with your permit.

Access to outer area

Residents within the inner area will be issued with an outer residents access pass which will allow them
access to the outer area of the Christmas Market (shown in yellow the road closures map).

Every residential household within the market area will receive an Outer Resident Access Pass. You will need to complete the details of your vehicle and your qualifying residential address in order to validate this pass. When hung from the rear view mirror of your vehicle, and provided it is safe to do so, this will allow access through some of the outer road closures. Please note the pass is an access pass, not a parking permit.

The pass allows access for you to reach legitimate off street parking areas and driveways, or legitimate on- street parking that is not subject to existing or temporary restrictions, such as double yellow lines or ‘no waiting’ cones. Please note that parking enforcement will be in action. If you have multiple vehicles at your property, and it is essential that you should use your second vehicle, please see below about how to apply for additional access passes.

In order to keep market traffic out of the area, dedicated stewards will be positioned at road closures to assist those with passes to the outer area.
As per previous years, parking in the outer area is not guaranteed. Visitors will be encouraged to use alternative parking. Deterrent signage, parking enforcement and an enhanced stewarding approach will be in place to prevent visitors from parking in these areas as far as possible. Please comply with requests from stewards. We appreciate that presenting an access pass is an inconvenience, but we once again hope the system continues to keep unwanted traffic out of the area.
Please also be aware that all official stallholders are provided with specific parking areas and it is part of their stallholder obligations that they must not park on residential streets.

To receive an additional outer residents access pass, for second cars with genuine access requirements, please bring proof of your qualifying address in person to the Visitor Information Centre in Castle Hill (Monday- Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 10.30am – 4pm) or the Main Reception at City Hall on Beaumont Fee (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9am – 5pm, Wednesday 10am -5pm, Friday 9am – 4:30pm).

Businesses affected by traffic restrictions in the market area are entitled to apply for a numbered outer business access pass for genuine access to businesses and can do so by visiting the Visitor Information centre as we can no longer post these out to businesses.

Please note that this pass will only allow access to the outer area. Restrictions on vehicular movement in the inner area still apply. All business passes will be issued by the Events Team and businesses within the inner area are advised to schedule deliveries before the road closure times stated on this page.

If you reside in the outer area and you have a carer or nurse that visits you within the home, please let them know to get in touch with us so we can issue them with a pass to gain access to the outer area. They can contact us on 01522 873400 (phone line open from 1st November) or [email protected]

If there are any difficulties gaining access, this telephone number can also be used during the event. If you reside in the inner area of the Christmas Market, where possible, please schedule visits outside of the road closure hours. Where visits are essential during market hours carers should where possible, park in the outer area and walk into the market area.

We work closely with the emergency services, including East Midlands Ambulance Service, throughout the planning and duration of the event therefore in an emergency please ring 999 as usual. As we work together, we will then also be alerted and will help appropriately to allow any emergency vehicles through the cordoned off areas.

If you have any comments or concerns during the event please contact us on 01522 873400 so that we can assist you or email [email protected]
These are monitored from 7am – 10pm each day.

Whilst the event closes to the public at 7pm, due to the nature of the event, stallholders will be leaving the City after this time. Road closures within the inner area will be enforced until 10pm. We will try to keep this disruption to a minimum with a phased exit by vehicles from the area.

The City of Lincoln Council is aware that not everyone enjoys or gets a direct benefit from the Christmas Market and we could not have this amazing event without the support of local people whose lives can be disrupted by this event. We want to extend the sincerest thanks for complying with the various restrictions. Our visitor and residents safety is of course our priority and unfortunately the consequence of this is often inconvenience, and we appreciate your support on this matter.

We have listened to people’s comments over the last couple of years and endeavored to have more regular communications with our residents, listened to your queries and help where possible. We hope that we have lessened the impact that the Christmas Market has on you, and you are able to come and enjoy it with us.

We hope you have a fabulous festive season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
To help us make future Christmas markets spectacular, please send us your suggestions and feedback to: [email protected]
or write to: Events Team, DCE, City of Lincoln Council, City Hall, Beaumont Fee, Lincoln, LN1 1DF
Call us: If you have any questions please call: 01522 873400 (phone line open from 1st November)