Stallholder Applications

Updated- 01-07-21

Subject to government restrictions, the council intends for the Lincoln Christmas Market to go ahead, taking place from 2-5 December, 2021.

The final round of applications is now open. Applications for the final round will be done on a first come, first served basis subject to there being a suitable stall available and assessment of the application for suitability.

Apply now for a stall at the 2021 Lincoln Christmas Market

New and improved payment plan
If you are successful in your application a 25% deposit will be required to secure your stall within 30 days.
We hope to be in a position to hold the Lincoln Christmas Market in December and as such we will be doing all we can to make it a success. But if we do have to make the unfortunate decision that the event is not viable due to COVID 19 we will refund all stallholders monies that have been paid in including this 25% deposit.
This 25% deposit system will be non-refundable in all other circumstance. As this is in place so that we can ensure we have the correct levels of stallholders to make the event viable and as such we will not be able to refund stallholders who make the decision to not keep up with the payment plan as per the below dates-

  • 31st March
  • 1st April
  • 21st April
  • 19th May
  • 30th June
  • 1st July
  • 28th July
  • 8th September
  • 27th October
  • First Round Applications Closing Date
  • Second Round Application Open
  • Offer Letters Issued/First Deposit Requested
  • Deadline for First 25% Deposit
  • Second Round of Applications Closed
  • Final Round of Applications Open
  • Deadline for Second 25% Deposit
  • Deadline for Third 25% Deposit
  • Deadline for Fourth 25% Deposit