2022 Stallholder Selection Process

When allocating stalls for the 2022 Lincoln Christmas Market, the following criteria will be used to inform the selection process-

• Location- traders from Lincoln and Lincolnshire are given priority over traders from further away (this helps to support City Of Lincoln Council’s key priorities- Growing the local economy)

• Handcrafted products- products which are produced by hand and therefore more unique, be this either by the stallholder or made abroad under fair trade conditions

• Quality- products which are of high quality, enhance the event and are appropriate to a Christmas Market

• Environmentally Friendly- stalls which demonstrate a more environmentally friendly approach

• Products which enhance the variety on offer- Items which are different or more unique which other traders do not offer and therefore enhance the event for visitors and broaden the appeal. Across the whole event the stalls mix will aim to appeal to all age groups and tastes.

In addition to this food application will be assessed taking into account the following additional criteria-

• The food hygiene rating- Those who score higher will be favoured over those with lower scores

• “Healthy Eating” – Food groups which widen the range of food available at the event

• Specialist regional/ International- Which adds to the variety of food on offer

Please note in order to be considered to receive a stall offer you must have completed the application form, Health & Safety/Food Risk Assessment Questionnaire and provide all other associated information.

All stall allocation are done by City of Lincoln Council as the organisers of Lincoln Christmas Market. All stall allocations are the final decisions of the organiser and no discussion will be entered in to.